Milling Made Easy

Milling Made Easy

Hobby Warrior Swing-blade Sawmill

Complete Warrior sawmill.

Now offered with the new 2018 cantilevered frame and lightweight beam design. Complete frame has been re-engineered to offer an extremely lightweight versatile system.


  • Electric 3hp DOL motor.
  • 1 x 2-tooth Turbokerf blade and sharpener.
  • Manual feed.
  • Manual blade swing.
  • Direct drive without gearbox (very quiet operation).


  • Single end horizontal sizing. Double end vertical sizing.
  • Log setup taper alignment included.
  • 1 meter diameter (3 foot) log - although any diameter may be sawn.
  • 4.2 meter (14 foot) log cut length.
  • Double cut capable.


  1. Model 6 (6" x 6" standard cut, 12" double cut), fitted with electric 3hp DOL motor. $8,500 USD ready to collect. 

Add ons:

  1. Extra 6" blade $300 USD. 
  2. Jockey transport wheels $700 USD.
  3. Re-tipping jig with 20 extra tips $500 USD.
  4. Beam extension (per 1 meter or 3 foot section) $500 USD.
  5. Slabber trolley to attach to your standard Alaskan sawmill kit (slides onto the beam) $1,100 USD.
  6. Slabber attachment kit to attach in place of your circular blade $2,800 USD.
  7. Dedicated slabber trolley, bar with electric start Honda 13hp engine, 61" x 10" slab capability $7,500 USD.
  8. Planer blade $1,500 USD.
  9. Set of log dogs $750 USD.
  10. Farm transport trailer $3,000 USD.
  11. CE Certification upgrade $500 USD.

What makes our mills stand out?

  • Open access to load your logs and remove timber (without the possibility of damaging your tracks. You're not stuck in a portal restricting your options.
  • The mono rail means you're mill will always pull straight - its not dependent on how or where you pull. It will cut straight no matter what.
  • We have full taper ability along with single end sizing, making our mills very easy to align to the log and to set you're sizes.
  • The swing apparatus is effortless. We also have weather board options available to coincide with its simplicity.
  • All our mills have the ability to double cut straight off the log - no turning the mill around (its designed into the concept). Our mills don't require any 180 degree swing function - this facility has no relationship to any extra ability regarding double cutting.
  • Portability. Our mills can be provided with a simple dolly trailer system. They can also be transported via a small jockey arrangement optional with the sawmill. They do break down too. Lots of options for easy 10-30 minute setup/breakdown. 
  • A major hidden advantage with our saw is that there is no need to start vertical first followed by horizontal as your finishing cut. Simply start horizontal and finish with vertical - no wedging required. Just grab your cut timber and start again.
  • Sharpening takes literally seconds with our simple 2-tooth saw blade. This is a special blade to utilize domestic plug in 10 amp supply. 
  • We have slabber and planer blade attachments available for this mill. 
  • Saw any diameter logs.
  • Price, production, simplicity and portability - you cant beat it!

Freight spec:

Complete crated mill 350kg 4 crates. 1 cubic meter.