12" Cut Kubota 902 diesel 24hp (NET) WARRIOR AUTO Sawmill


12" Cut Kubota 902 diesel 24hp (NET) WARRIOR AUTO Sawmill


Complete 12" Warrior sawmill.

Now offered with the new 2018 frame and beam design. Complete frame has been re-engineered to offer an extremely rigid and versatile system. Beam now comes standard with the extension kit to cut longer logs. Videos showing this new frame system below.



24hp (net), 25hp (gross) engine, electric start, jockey transport wheels, 2 x 6-tooth Turbokerf blades and sharpener. Power feed, auto remote blade swing.

Operable in both auto and manual mode.



Operable in both options:

Short configuration, 4.5m (14.7 feet) log length.

Long configuration, 6m (20 feet) log length.

Single end vertical and horizontal sizing.

Log setup taper alignment included.

1.3m diameter (4 foot) log - although any diameter may be sawn.

12" x 12" standard cut, 11" x 24" double cut.

4+ cubic meters (1600+ board foot) per day, kerf 6.1mm (15/64").


Freight spec:

Complete crated mill 750kg 4 crates. 3 cubic meter.




1) Open access to load your logs and remove timber (without the possibility of damaging your tracks. You're not stuck in a portal restricting your options.

2) The mono rail means you're mill will always pull straight - its not dependent on how or where you pull. It will cut straight no matter what.

3) Our mills now have a 40hp capacity heavy duty Curtis gearbox (made in the US). The driven pulley is also mounted on the other side of an outrigger bearing - meaning the pressure provided by the belt is off the gearbox. This is the number one fault with most swing blade sawmills.

4) We have full taper ability along with single end sizing options available making our mills very easy to align to the log and to set you're sizes.

5) Our mills are very light to push and pull. The other mills may look impressive in size but its certainly not fun pushing/pulling a tank all day.

6) The swing apparatus is effortless. We also have weather board options available to coincide with its simplicity.

7) All our mills have the ability to double cut straight off the log - no turning the mill around (its designed into the concept). Our mills don't require any 180 degree swing function - this facility has no relationship to any extra ability regarding double cutting so don't get caught out with this thinking!

8) Portability. Our mills can be provided with a simple dolly trailer system. They can also be transported via a small jockey arrangement. They do break down too. Lots of options for easy 10-30 minute setup/breakdown. Our chainsaw mills take portability to the next level.

9) A major hidden advantage with our saw is that there is no need to start vertical first followed by horizontal as your finishing cut. Simply start horizontal and finish with vertical - no wedging required. Just grab your sawn board and start again.

10) Sharpening takes literally seconds with our simple 4-tooth saw blade. This design means our mills put LESS strain on the blade prolonging the life of your gearbox, bearings and belts.

11) We have thin-kerf blade, slabber and planer blade attachments available for all mills. 

12) We will be offering insert tips by Simonds very soon (blades made in the US). This provides much more options whensawing domestic logs with the possibility of steel within them.

13) We have an amazing LOW COST automated swing blade available as a simple upgrade to the manual option.

14) Saw any diameter logs.

15) Price, production, simplicity and portability - you cant beat it!

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We try to keep within these limits.

We try to keep within these limits.