The Ultimate Sawmill.

The Gladiator sawmill leaves other portable sawmills in its dust.

Full hydraulics - including taper adjustability - make the milling process effortless, while the innovative inverted T system (unique to Turbo Sawmill) provides total open access in and around the timber processing area.

Computer sizing ensures that every board sawn is accurate and uniform - every time.

The Gladiator boasts an amazing 12” x 12” cut capacity, with the added benefit of being able to double cut up to 12” x 24”.

Built tough, designed to last, the Gladiator sawmill is fabricated from heavy gauge steel.

We have delivered machines worldwide - from USA and Canada to South Africa, the Pacific Islands, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.


Superior Swing-Blade

Swing-blade sawmills deliver more horsepower to the blade and are ideal for all woods including hardwood.

The swing-blade is a proven technology that has been available to the market for 20+ years, but until now has been built too light.

Finally there is a heavy duty, industrial-strength option available - our unbeatable Gladiator.

Features & Specifications


  • Unique hydraulic swing blade with 12” cut capacity saw blade
  • Mono rail ‘T Frame’ support system with durable beam and supports
  • We can manufacture Gladiators up to 16 metres in length (producing 14 metre log cuts)
  • Kerf
    6.5mm recommended for hardwood (standard)
    6.75mm recommended for softwood
    5.25mm 8” cut thin kerf blades available as add on
  • Cut capacity
    Standard cut 12” x 12”
    Double cut 12” x 24”
  • Log diameter: 1.5m (can cut unlimited with chocks)
  • Log length: Standard 6.1m beam length cut capacity
  • Weight: 1100kg